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This site is filled by your testimonials, questions and their answers in the frame of the parapsychology.
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Questions Forum

Allows consulting the questions of the Net surfers and answers of LISA Conti, with a research multicriterion.

Short definition

Allows having a synthetic definition on some subjects related to the parapsychology.

Ask your question

Allows asking your questions having attracted with parapsychology, in given topics. LISA Conti answers personally and reserves the right to delete questions, which she will consider inappropriate. No consultation of a private nature is treated in this topics. Please use the email (See Home).


Allows to propose your testimonial in the frame of parapsychology or to consult them by a research multicriterion. LISA Conti reserves the right to delete testimonial, which she will consider inappropriate.


Allows consulting various basic subjects in the frame of parapsychology.


Allows consulting the chronicle of LISA Conti on various subjects.

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Page with all RSS links of the site.
For reading RSS stream, you need to have a RSS reader Here, you can found some of them.

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Links for partners and web directories for our referencing (we excuse ourselves by advance, if by mistake some were forgotten).

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